Scientists Publish Record Number of Cannabis Studies

Record Marijuana Studies
Updated on January 20, 2022

Ironically – while critics of medical marijuana still cite a “lack of research” as their main argument for opposition – research into cannabis and its medical utility has soared to record heights during the course of this past year.

Just how many studies have been published on medical marijuana?

The total may surprise you!

Counting Cannabis Studies

With a 300-paper increase over 2020’s 3,500 published papers on cannabis, there have never been as many peer-reviewed scientific papers published on the subject of marijuana as there were in 2021. And, it doesn’t look like the trend will be slowing down anytime soon!

To put 2021’s research increase into perspective: Over the past three decades, the number of new scientific papers on marijuana has increased from fewer than 2,000 published papers in the 1980s, to 3,000 during the ‘90s, and now nearly 30,000 in just the past ten years alone!

There are a few driving forces behind the dramatic uptick in cannabis studies in recent years. These include a greater number of researchers interested in the medical benefits and applications of marijuana, and a major shift in the public’s understanding of the medicinal plant.

In terms of the growing interest in cannabis use in the medical field, many scholars credit the legalization of medical marijuana. The same research also points to proven successes in therapies for conditions like HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, stomach discomfort, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis as being a catalyst for increased interest.

PubMed (the most widely recognized database of scientific research in the country) now cites over 38,500 studies on cannabis.

However, despite the exponential growth in interest in medical marijuana among the scientific community, there are still some naysayers relying on dated information to support their opinions. But while it may be true that in the past there was a lack of diverse and in-depth research into cannabis use in the medical field, that reality is certainly no longer the case.

Future of Marijuana Research

Thanks to this impressive body of research, we now have evidence-based knowledge that the 100+ active compounds found within the cannabis plant can be used successfully for therapies covering an immense spectrum of health concerns and conditions. Today, medical marijuana is used for therapies related to cancer, diabetes, strokes, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.

As research is ongoing, our understanding will likely continue to expand at rates similar to what we have witnessed in recent years. And as more stigmas are dispelled through scientific study, CannaMD will continue to shed new light on the many uses of medical marijuana.

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