7/10 Day Marijuana Sales: Florida 2024

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Discover the best 7/10 sales on medical cannabis products in Florida with CannaMD, the state's leading network of medical marijuana physicians. This week, we're highlighting unbeatable deals to help you save while achieving the relief you need. Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities!
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As the premier network of medical cannabis doctors in Florida, CannaMD is dedicated to providing patients with top-notch medical marijuana products for effective relief. This week, we’re excited to share the best 7/10 deals across Florida! Don’t miss out—read through today’s post to find amazing savings opportunities!

To learn more about 7/10 Day, including the history and meaning behind this exciting cannabis holiday, check out our post!

Dispensary Savings:

NOTE: CannaMD is not directly affiliated with any of the dispensaries listed below. Please contact dispensaries directly with any product and/or sales questions.


ayr mmtc logo

AYR is offering the following 7/10 Day sales:

  • $12.50 Edibles, Tropical Pineapple Kynd Edibles
  • $22.50 Haze Badder & Sugar
  • $30 Vapes, All Dompen 1g
  • $20 Flower, Tier 1 Lane Splitter
  • 3 for $15 Pre-Rolls, Temptation F2 & F3


Cookies Logo


Cookies is offering the following 7/10 Day deals:

  • Pre-Roll Multipaks: 1 for $30, 2 for $50
  • Buy Rosin C-Bite Edibles: 2 for $30, 3 for $40
  • Mix & Match 3.5g: Any 2 for $65, Any 3 for $90


Curaleaf logo 2023

Curaleaf is offering these awesome 7/10 Day Sales:

  • SELECT: 0.5g Live Rosin & Elite Live, $30
  • X Bites $14
  • 70% off Cliq
  • 60% off All Edibles
  • 50% off Nearly All Items

The Flowery

The Flowery has an exciting 7/10 Day Sale – Buy More, Save More:

  • Spend $200-$299- Get 20% off
  • Spend $300-$499- Get 30% off
  • Spend $500+- Get 40% off


Fluent logo

Fluent is offering some awesome 7/10 Day promotions:

  • 4 for $100 Cured SGR
  • 2 FOR $50 Cured Resin Carts
  • $20 Black Line & Moods 0.5g Carts

Green Dragon

Green Dragon Logo

Green Dragon is offering the following 7/10 deals:

  • Everyday Live Wax & Everyday Eigths, Headcake Strain $50
  • Green Dragon Eigth, Apple Candie Strain + Any Concentrate, $38

Gold Leaf


Check back soon for more Gold Leaf 7/10 Day Deals!


GrowHealthy logo

Check back soon for more GrowHealthy 7/10 Day Sales!

HT Cannabis

HT Cannabis Logo

HT Cannabis is offering the following 7/10 Day sale:

  • $35 1g Live Rosin Badderm Fresh Press Live Rosin & Live Rosin Jam
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free Distillate Live Rosin & Disposable Vapes
  • BOGO Free Gels & Chocolates Mix & Match

*Sale runs from 7/5/24 – 7/10/24



Insa is offering these great 7/10 Day sales:

  • 40% off All Flower
  • 40% off Live Concentrates
  • 50% off All Vapes

Jungle Boys

jungle boys logo

Jungle Boys is offering the following 7/10 Day sales:

  • 2 for $100 All 0.5g AIO Vapes & 1g Concentrates
  • 2 for $70 All 0.5g Cured Rosin Vape Pens


MUV Logo

MUV is offering the following 7/10 Day deals:

  • 40% off all Concentrates
  • 2 for $100 1g Plus & Nektar vapes
  • 4 for $100 .5g Plus & Nektar Vapes
  • 4 for $60 Savvy Disposables
  • $10 off all Edibles

*Sale runs from 7/8/24 – 7/14/24



RISE is offering 40% off Concentrates for 7/10 Day!

rise 710 day sale 2024

Sanctuary Medicinals

Sanctuary Logo

Sanctuary Medicinals is offering the following 7/10 Day Sales:

  • 4 for $40 Edibles & Add-On a Chocolate Bar for $5
  • 2 for $55 1G Distillate Disposables
  • 0.5G Crumble, 2 for $30
  • 2 for $30 0.5G Distillate & Liquid Shatter Vapes

sanctuary cannabis 710 day sales 2024 (1)



Sunburn is offering 40% off Storewide for 7/10 Day!

sunburn marijuana 710 day sales 2024


Sunnyside MMJ

Sunnyside is offering the following 7/10 Day Sales:

  • 66% off Supply & Good News .5g Carts
  • 50% off Cresco Liquid Live Resin .5g & 1g carts
  • 40% off FloraCal Live Rosin
  • 40% off Cresco Live Resin
  • 40% off Supply Concentrates
  • 35% off Sunnyside Edibles



Surterra is offering the following 7/10 Day sales:

  • Galileo Live Rosin Vapes only $22
  • Float Cured Rosin only $11.40
  • Surterra Wellness FSO Only $16.50


Trulieve Directory Logo

Trulieve is offering a variety of deals for 7/10 Day – check them out:

  • 25% off Devices & Accessories
  • $25 .5g CDT Vapes, .5g Liquid Live Resin Carts & 250mg Topical
  • $30 1g TruClear & 1g Vapes, 1g RSO Syringes, 600mg Tinctures, 1g Live Sauz Cart, & .5g Live Rosin Carts
  • $35 1g Tru Pods, 1g Live Resin, 1g Live Budder, & 1g Live Terp Sauz
  • $40 1g Liquid Live Resin Carts, 1g CDT TruPods, Blue River 1g Live Rosin & 1g Colors All in One Vapes

trulieve sales 710 day 2024 florida

trulieve 710 day sales florida 2024



VidaCann Dispensary

Check back soon for more VidaCann 7/10 Day Deals!

Updated: July 9, 2024

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