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Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative

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Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana treatment center, Florida patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; CannaMD provides qualified patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

How do I qualify for medical marijuana?

Medical cannabis became legal in Florida in 2016, with the passing of the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2. Rules for use and administration were outlined several months later by Senate Bill 8A.

According to Florida state law, patients suffering from the following conditions may qualify for medical marijuana treatment: ALS, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Senate Bill 8A also allows for treatment of other “diagnosable, debilitating conditions of like, kind, or class” (such as anxiety, depression, and migraines), as well as terminal conditions and chronic nonmalignant pain.


Florida residents and seasonal (“snowbird”) residents may be eligible. Senate Bill 8A defines the term “seasonal resident” as any person who temporarily resides in Florida for a period of at least 31 consecutive days in each calendar year, maintains a temporary residence in Florida, returns to the state or jurisdiction of his or her residence at least one time during each calendar year, and is registered to vote or pays income tax in another state or jurisdiction.

Once eligibility is confirmed by a CannaMD physician, patients may apply for a medical marijuana card from the Florida Department of Health. A state-issued card is required to purchase cannabis from a medical marijuana treatment center (or dispensary).

Medical marijuana may be administered via a vaporizer or as an oil, spray, tincture, or edible food product. Smoking remains prohibited.


Get a medical marijuana certification

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Qualifying Conditions

According to Florida's Amendment 2, the following conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment:

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Schultz is amazing! His office provides a very comfortable atmosphere and they take great care of you from start to finish. The entire process was extremely simple and Dr. Schultz made sure to provides answers to all of my questions and easily understood explanations of how my treatments would be handled. He even provides his direct email so you can get answers quickly to anything that might come up.
Jesse Wasserman
18:32 18 Apr 18
The Dr. Singh and the staff are super friendly! Straight away when I first went there they made me feel calm and safe. They are very understanding people and they actually care about your medical issues. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone who needs a medical cannabis screening or a new medical cannabis physician. 10/10
Ludwing Chalita Villa
15:22 21 Apr 18
The staff was very helpful and was very warm welcomed. They also answered all of my questions that was and was very informative they did not rush me at all. I am so thankful I found this place heaven sent 🙌🙌
Mergele Robbins
00:28 24 May 18
The doctor at CannaMD listens to your health concerns. I have specific issues and trying to get off several prescriptions with bad side effects. He agreed that the combinations of prescription I am taking is dangerous. My kids begged me to research some of these treatments and how it is a healthier alternative to some of the medications I’m on. Everyone is different, but the staff at CannaMD are helping many of us with qualifying medical conditions. They care about your health and to help you find solutions that work for you! The licensing process from the State of FL is grueling and very slow. Hopefully, the voters in FL can help us deregulate the difficulty of getting this medicine for more uses like arthritis. I told my arthritis doctor I was considering using it and the entire office said it would help me. The research is proven for several Medical conditions! Thank you CannaMD for helping me stay healthier!
Andy Lentz
16:34 09 Apr 18
CannaMD was a wonderful experience to say the least! Excellent service from DR. Schultz and all advocates. They ask sincere questions and really make you feel welcome. Highly recommended!
Justin Farmer
15:38 30 May 18
The Staff is amazing! They Are very Informative, try very hard to accommodate your needs and very respectful. Dr. Jason Is great! You never feel rushed. He addresses all your issues, concerns and questions. He provides guidance and direction to help you reach your goals. Dr. Jason provides timely responses to any question or issues or changes you need through email, following your visit so you are not required to make a visit if you need clarity or changes based on how you are progressing with your health plan. I find this facility to be very relaxed and willing to work with you to reach you goals.
Lucy Klekman
00:04 07 Nov 19
CannaMD provided a great experience from the moment you call for an appointment to the moment you walk out of the door. They make the experience very easy and will answer all of your questions. Dr Jason Schultz is very knowledgeable in his field of practice. I recommend them to anyone who needs this alternative medicine
Albert Ingham
23:20 07 Nov 19
Doctor Schulz saved my life. My marriage has been saved, and I engage with my family once more. I have a semblance of a quality of life. I stopped opiates, cold turkey, the day my email arrived. I cannot claim that a Doctor actually saved me...The exception being Dr. Schulz. Amanda and the rest of the staff are caring, soft spoken, and know the process like the backs of their hands. 100% recommendation. I would see no other Doctor.
Will Munshower
06:35 08 Jun 18
Awesome experience with Dr. Schultz at CannaMD. I was transferring my certification from another doctor, and Dr. Schultz made the process easy. The staff was professional and had all the paperwork ready; the office was spotless, and Dr. Schultz was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Thank you, CannaMD.
vick degiorgio
22:21 15 Jun 18
I had an excellent experience! All of the staff are very helpful. What I love specifically is Dr. Singh. I will follow her anywhere! She takes the time to listen and truly try to give her patients the right combo of Rx for their specific ailment. I don't feel shuffled through like cattle as some offices do in the name of max profit.
Ty Lamb
12:35 20 Jun 18
I was very impressed with Dr. Schultz and his staff. They were very informative and courteous. Would HIGHLY recommend this facility.
Flo Lange
01:31 24 Jul 18
I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was very professionally run. I was greeted and made to feel very comfortable. I was then taken to meet Dr. Schultz, again made to feel very comfortable. He told me how this would be helpful. He took a lot of time explaining what he was recommending for me and was very good about answering all questions.
Catherine Olson
23:44 24 Jul 18
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was kinda scared going in, but that was soon put to rest. So professional, easy to talk to, and clean. The office is very well organized and clean. The front desk is very attentive and polite. I have found my new doctor. I’ll definitely be back.
Krista Farrell
15:11 07 Aug 18
Dr Schultz was great he explained everything thoroughly so that I understood it all. Plus the staff there is very informative if you've got any questions they have no problem answering them. I most definitely recommend Dr Schultz and his staff.
PJ Holley
18:52 07 Aug 18
My experience was great. The doctor and staff were very nice. The doctor was also very professional and took his time and explained everything that I needed to know. I will and have recommended others.
Vicky Devane
03:04 08 Aug 18
Dr. Jason Shultz and his receptionist Amanda are a POWER HOUSE duo. Happy friendly place. Feel like you're right at home. This is nothing like any other medical building I've ever been in. That's coming from a stage 3 brain cancer patient.
Greg Listman
06:29 13 Aug 18
The entire staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I was nervous my first appointment but shortly after arriving at the office the nervousness had quickly passed. Great customer service. I would highly recommend DR. Shultz and the entire CannaMD family.
Dillon Varela
22:00 18 Sep 18
I was so nervous about I don’t even know. You were all so happy and helpful, making me feel calm and secure. The Trulieve young man, (so nervous I couldn’t remember names). I’m officially legal now and I am no longer afraid to live! Thank you all tremendously!
Teresa J Malone
17:17 26 Sep 18
The staff at CannaMD were knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Schultz answered all my questions and put me at ease with his manner. I can't thank everyone at CannaMD enough for making this an informative and comfortable visit. I look forward to a more sensible approach to treatment thru their guidance. It is about time the stigma ends.
Scott Abney
22:22 27 Sep 18
Today was my first day meeting Dr. Schultz. I was very impressed with his demeanor & how much he cared about my story and my health. Great guy! I loved the entire staff at CannaMD and glad to be a patient.
Jordan S
23:55 03 Oct 18
I have been very happy with my experience so far at CannaMd. They have been very thorough in analyzing my MS symptoms to find the treatment that best works for me. Kathryn Bartzokis has been super helpful setting up my appointments and helping me understand the process. She is the best and super knowledgeable!
Lorin B
23:59 09 Oct 18
I don't know why I was so nervous and put this off as long as I did. Everyone made me feel comfortable and I absolutely LOVE Dr. Shwartz. He took the time to explain and really put me at ease. ++++
Noelle Mineo
20:00 18 Oct 18
My experience was perfect. Very professional and friendly staff helps you through the whole process! Sonia was such awesome help!!!Dr. Schultz was very understanding and it lifted an extremely heavy weight of burden knowing he could sympathize with the situation I've been forced to deal with for years. I'm so grateful for the chance to start healing.
Amy Miller
22:28 20 Oct 18
The service was beyond my expectation. They made the process go very smoothly. I will definitely refer them to anyone!
Nick Verneau
00:45 07 Nov 18
My experience at CannaMD really could’ve have been any better! The whole process was very simple to understand and the staff were very helpful and friendly. The Doctor as well was super helpful, knoweldgable and made me feel at ease about everything. I’d highly recommend CannaMD to anybody who could be a good canadiate for Medical Marijuana!
Eric Kelly
01:51 29 Nov 18
Dr. Shultz was very nice and professional. His staff are extremely helpful. They spoke with me and answered all of my questions. I never felt pressured to wrap up my appointment.
Candace Skurnik
19:36 17 Dec 18
Very positive experience! Doc, nurse, & receptionist were thorough, courteous and professional. Look forward to a continuing relationship with them!
Stephanie Coker
00:07 18 Dec 18
I highly recommend Canna MD! If you’re looking for a MMD, then look no further, Dr. Schultz is awesome!! Don’t suffer anymore, give Dr. Schultz a call, and let him help you get your life back..
Mark Griffin
23:43 18 Dec 18
Very happy with my experience. Friendly doctor and staff. The whole process was easy and I’m confident that the office will help me if I run into any issues.
Dana S
13:44 19 Dec 18
Wonderful experience with the doctor & team members. Dr Schultz is very attentive & caring. The team is really helpful.
Cyn M
14:52 19 Dec 18
My initial Journey from a well put website, very informative, educational and easy to follow. I can say in initiating the call and the Liaison Bryon explained and answer all of my question. Bryon showed compassion as well he did not rush me off the phone but comforted me of my concerns, On the day of my appointment, office was clean and very serene. The staff Ari and Kayleigh both welcomed me and accommodated me to be comforted as I signed a few documents in a pad ( beats paper ) soon as I was done was taken to a room. I did not have to wait for the doctor. Dr. Schultz showed compassion and educated me how medicinal marijuana works, answer all my questions and assure me I will be taken care of concerning my pain. I am grateful to have chosen CannaMD, In Meeting Dr Schultz, The Staff Ari and Kayleigh and Speaking with Liaison Bryon.
Elisjim Jim
19:05 21 Dec 18
I was treated wonderful. I didn't know what to expect, and all of you made me fill special and at ease. All questions were answered and I appreciate that. I would highly recommend you. Thanks again.
raylene perry
05:24 25 Dec 18
I am not sure yet, for I have not received my card yet nor have I started any medications. However with that being said I found Dr. Schultz and the office staff, very helpful and courteous.UPDATEDI have had my card for 210 days, The office staff is helpful, my pain levels have been somewhat manageable and I am enjoying the days a lot more as a result of having less discomfort.
Nelson Alonso
01:14 26 Dec 18
Dr. Schultz and his staff were so kind, quick and accommodating. My 3yo accompanied me to my appointment and even she was treated amazing! They have customer service down to an art form. Thank you all!
Megan O'Neill
03:04 10 Jan 19
Dr. Schultz is a great and understanding doctor who truly is compassionate for his patients. The staff are very warm and friendly, and the office is very clean and inviting. Very thankful for Dr. Schultz!
Joseph Burke
04:45 10 Jan 19
I always look forward to seeing the staff they are courteous, profession, they are a very organized health care group. The Doctor and the staff are always ready to answer all my questions and handle all my concerns with ease. This has changed my life and Iam so very proud to be a part of this CANNAMD
Melinda Braxton
02:27 16 Jan 19
Amazing experience, Physician and staff alike are knowledgable, professional and above all compassionate. Process is very simple and affordable. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Medical Cannabis as a natural, safe alternative to pharmaceuticals.
Alex Ford
16:21 24 Jan 19
The staff were just helpful when I arrived with helping me complete what was needed for the patient portal. I was seen on time. Dr Schultz was patient and answered all my questions. It was a great experience.
23:46 04 Feb 19
I was very impressed with the service. I was skeptical at the beginning to seek their help but after I spoke to the agent who made the reservation I changed 360 degree.The agent was extremely friendly and professional, the nurse or receptionist was very friendly, polite, and professional. Google map didn’t give me the right direction therefore I was late for my appointment.When I told her she was understandable and efficient in check in.The Dr. who was friendly, knowledgeable and answered all my questions.I would recommend this facility and location to anyone seeking help as the last resort to end the pain misery of any disease or health condition.Thank you
Ahlam Sakout
02:12 27 Feb 19
These guys are the best. Very knowledgeable. I have been smoking medical for about 5 years when they tell how to smoke it to get the most out of the pain relief. Changed my life. Thank you
Bowe Van Horn
11:24 27 Feb 19
Their staff is absolutely phenomenal. Contacting them to book an appointment was exceptional. I worked with Victoria, she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and what to expect with everything prior to the visit. Doctors assistant Ari could tell I was uncomfortable and started telling jokes and calming me down, also I had an issue with a registration issue and ON A SUNDAY was trying to resolve it! Her off day! Dr. Schultz bedside manner was exceptional. Dr. Schultz asks questions to gain an understanding of your unique situation and provides excellent medical treatment plans. I was against the concept of a medical approach like this but the research and studies don’t lie. It has been nothing short of wonderful working with this office. Highly recommend Dr.Schultz and his team due to their professionalism and ability to accommodate you in every way! CannaMD thank you again!
00:00 05 Mar 19
Great experience renewing my MML. De Schultz is very kind, friendly, welcoming, made sure the medications I have been taking are working to help relive the insomnia and constant back/neck pain. Office is very clean, staff is great, highly recommend seeing this office.
Brent Stofcik
23:06 11 Mar 19
Appointment began on time. Xavier, at the front desk was welcoming and helped guide me through the process. Dr. Schultz was informative and listened to my concerns. Highly recommended.
Vernon Greene
13:55 20 Mar 19
The receptionist/nurse was amazing, she was so nice and made sure I understood everything that she informed me of. The doctor was awesome, he was very kind and is very understanding of situations/conditions. You can tell that he wants to help you as much as he can. I had a great visit.
Amanda Ciabattoni
23:31 20 Mar 19
I was very pleased with my visit. I was contacted right away after filling out the form on their website. Sonia was very thorough, courteous, professional and explained everything. I was more prepared for this appointment than I ever have been for anything before. Today I arrived for my appointment. The office was clean and the atmosphere was relaxing and didn’t feel like doctor’s office at all. The receptionist was professional, and timely. The doctor listened to me, asked questions and went over all the steps and how it works. Dr. Schultz was professional and personable. I would recommend this establishment for anyone looking into an alternative like I did.
Michelle Applegate
03:20 03 Apr 19
Had a GREAT experience at my visit today. Dr. Shultz is very knowledgeable and is willing to explain anything you would like. Also would give recommendations as well. Front desk staff is great as well.
Kytrell James
01:48 04 Apr 19
The service was fantastic. The employees were very courteous. The environment was beautiful. The Dr. very professional and you could send e mails to him if you have a doubt and he always answers them.
Valentina Fuentes
09:36 06 Apr 19
Dr. Schultz is great. He takes the time to explain everything and answer all questions. His staff is very nice and the office is a relaxing comfortable environment.
Michael Amico
18:42 07 May 19
Dr Schultz and the entire CannaMD staff were wonderful. I went in very nervous, a bit overwhelmed and in pain. They took their time and helped me lose my nervousness and settle into the appointment. I never felt rushed or unimportant. Everyone made certain I understood all aspects of the process and medication. The facility was also lovely and in a nice area. I only wish that Dr. Shultz could be my primary care physician. He is extremely patient and caring.
Anne Burlingame
22:46 16 May 19
Dr Schultz and the entire CannaMD staff were wonderful. I went in very nervous, a bit overwhelmed and in pain. They took their time and helped me lose my nervousness and settle into the appointment. I never felt rushed or unimportant. Everyone made certain I understood all aspects of the process and medication. The facility was also lovely and in a nice area. I only wish that Dr. Shultz could be my primary care physician. He is extremely patient and caring.
Anne Burlingame
23:14 16 May 19
Dr. Schultz and his Staff were super helpful with my entire process. They removed the fear I had coming in and helped to educate me and explain exactly what will work best to treat my multitude of medical conditions. I was very pleased with each person I came into contact with, including the follow up call. All of my questions were answered and the office is tasteful and helped to put me at ease.
Shan Bryant
17:34 04 Jun 19
I was nervous but soon found out that there was nothing to be nervous about! You could not have asked for a nicer environment & the dr & assistant were very nice, friendly & helpful. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!
Randy Mora
18:10 04 Jun 19
I always look forward to seeing the staff they are courteous, profession, they are a very organized health care group. The Doctor and the staff are always ready to answer all my questions and handle all my concerns with ease. This has changed my life and Iam so very proud to be a part of this CANNAMD
Melinda Braxton
01:45 21 Jun 19
The idea of using medical cannabis was just a “maybe” for me, simply because I was nervous about navigating the process. I didn’t realize there were companies like CannaMD until my doctor gave me one of their business cards. I’m so thankful she did because it made the entire process completely easy and painless. The appointment they made for me was with Dr. Jason Schultz in Orlando. His office staff was the right blend of efficiency and friendliness, and he was empathetic and understanding of and patient with my confusion. He listened to me and gave sound treatment advice, providing a good starting point. I’ve already referred two of my friends to CannaMD.
Becky Ogg
12:13 21 Jun 19
My experience with CannaMD was all good. They were very helpful from the beginning. I was clueless as to what I needed to do to become a medical marijuana patient. CannaMD explained everything in detail. When it came time for my appointment I was called early - when was the last time your doctor was early for your appointment??? They were very professional. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Thank you CannaMD!
Paul D
20:38 21 Jun 19
From the moment you walk in your greeted and checked in. My wait time was very reasonable, not even 10 minutes. My Dr was kind and I felt comfortable takinta to ghe about my health. She listened and we agreed on a treatment plan. When I requested to add the flower prescription it was a breeze. They scheduled my appointment at no charge. To top it all off I got $75 off $150 when I went to my dispensary. I'm happy!
Nikki Adams
01:33 22 Jun 19
Everyone is so pleasant and I just love Dr. Schultz. He doesn't rush and gave many helpful tips today. I am extremely happy.
jennifer Yeaman
22:01 28 Jun 19
Awesome, customer service. Ashley is the best.Also Dr A. Answered all questions Very Profession place with professional atmosphere. Highly recommend. Min
Maxine Risper
15:40 28 Jun 19
The staff were just helpful when I arrived with helping me complete what was needed for the patient portal. I was seen on time. Dr Schultz was patient and answered all my questions. It was a great experience.
15:41 17 Jul 19
This office exceeded my expectations as the staff were very quick, concise, and friendly while being able to cover the information with me in a very digestible manner. My appointment lasted less than 15 minutes and the doctor/staff were very pleasant and easy going with the evaluation. I did not think think that obtaining a medical card would be a convenient and easy going process, but this office has proved me wrong.
Christian Amoroso
15:45 18 Jul 19
It was a very good experience. Dr. Walgardd was so nice so understanding. I loved it. The ladies in the front were informative and based that was my first experience with this type of medical spot, one needs understanding individuals that can empathize with. Thank you Very much.
Peter Cruz
15:21 02 Aug 19
The receptionist was very helpful in filling out paperwork and telling me when to expect the card from the state. The dr. was very kind and knowledgeable. It was obvious she had read all of my medical history and was prepared to go over everything in detail.
Sandra Crawford
14:24 09 Aug 19
I didn’t really know what to expect as I know nothing about the medical marijuana world. The office was great and everyone was very professional. Dr. Schultz was very informative. Great experience!
Cathy Koontz
17:11 12 Sep 19
Update 9/10/19 It is now nearly 2 years since my first appointment with Dr. Schultz. He has always been very professional, and he never makes me feel rushed. I sincerely wish there was a way he could be my primary physician. The CannaMD team is fantastic! And they have been fantastic since day one. Special thanks to Bryant and Victoria. All of you folks are just a joy to do business with. If you're thinking of trying medical cannabis, you must see the medical and support staff at CannaMD. They are the standard by which all other should aspire to be. My life most likely would have been forfeit, if it wasn't for life changing first visit to CannaMD. **6 STARS** My highest recommendation. Update 2/9/19: What a fantastic medical practice! First, I would like to thank the individuals that went above and beyond their job descriptions, and pulled me out of a huge jam. Bryant, Melissa, Victoria, and Doctor Schulz! Wow! I cannot thank all of you enough for pulling a win for me, out of thin air. I won't re-hash everything that I wrote below (from last year) but, I will say that this medical practice has consistently blown away my highest expectations. And, I'm a tough one to impress!I urge any patient seeking natural, life saving medicine to give CannaMD a try. Oh, and everything going on in this company is "above board." I've heard some horror stories, believe me. This practice has my highest recommendation!!!Doctor Schulz saved my life. My marriage has been saved, and I engage with my family once more. I have a semblance of a quality of life. I stopped opiates, cold turkey, the day my email arrived. I cannot claim that a Doctor actually saved me...The exception being Dr. Schulz. Amanda and the rest of the staff are caring, soft spoken, and know the process like the backs of their hands. 100% recommendation. I would see no other Doctor.
Will Munshower
07:53 13 Sep 19
Office was very clean and the doctor was super nice! Everyone I dealt with over the phone or email explained everything to me. Very knowledgeable.
Carly C
16:57 12 Sep 19
CannaMD was excellent. I was treated with respect, my issues were taken seriously, and all my questions were answered. I would recommend it to anyone needing this type of service wholeheartedly. I was very impressed and very satisfied.
Lauren Lulich
18:08 21 Sep 19
23:25 26 Sep 19
Got an appointment right away, everyone at the office was helpful. Not being so tech savvy one young lady helped me navigate the paperwork online. Dr. Jason was very nice.
Mary Harvey
16:16 26 Sep 19
The nurses are friendly and eager to help! The Doctor is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. It was one of the best decisions of my life!
Sugar Bear
16:35 21 Oct 19

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