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Updated on December 8, 2021

Sarasota is known for its beautiful beaches and amenities that offer resort-style living while maintaining a small-town feel. With the passage of Amendment 2 legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Florida, residents of Sarasota may have questions about how medical marijuana treatment will be represented in the paradisiacal city.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Sarasota?

In 2016, Florida voters approved Amendment 2, legalizing medical marijuana statewide. As a result, medical marijuana became legal in Sarasota and every other city throughout the state. Although some cities tried to resist by banning medical marijuana treatment centers, Sarasota has supported this groundbreaking treatment since legalization and continues to do so. The success of medical marijuana treatment over the years has resulted in greater support throughout the state, so patients now have easier access to medical cannabis than ever before.

Sarasota Businesses Embrace Medical Cannabis

Leading businesses in Sarasota are adjusting to the needs of medical marijuana patients and providers in the city by offering resources specifically geared towards medical marijuana treatment. Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, a law firm located in Sarasota, added a new practice group to their firm to provide counsel on the evolving landscape of medical marijuana. Their Marijuana Law and Policy Group is committed to working with government entities, healthcare providers, businesses and other clients to ensure the healthy longevity of medical marijuana treatment.

Sarasota Medical Marijuana Doctors

Patients in Sarasota who are looking for reputable medical marijuana doctors don’t have to look very far, as CannaMD has a convenient Sarasota location. At our Sarasota clinic, patients can find knowledgeable and qualified professionals to help guide them through the process and benefits of medical marijuana treatment. If you qualify, CannaMD can provide you with the state-required recommendation needed to begin your treatment. You can find our Sarasota office at:


6151 Lake Osprey Drive
Suite #300
Sarasota, FL 34240

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Sarasota

Once you have successfully qualified for medical marijuana treatment and received your state-issued medical card, you will be able to buy medical marijuana in Sarasota and other Florida cities. When purchasing medical marijuana, it is important to seek out reputable and state-authorized dispensaries. Fortunately, Sarasota is home to a few treatment centers that offer both expertise and trustworthy, high-quality products. These dispensaries include Trulieve and MÜV.

You can find these reliable treatment centers at the following locations:


935 N. Beneva Road #707-711
Sarasota, FL 34232


AltMed Florida (MÜV)

5045 Fruitville Road, Suite 119
Sarasota, FL 34232

How to Qualify for Medical Cannabis

After the passage of Amendment 2, Senate Bill 8A was passed in June 2017. This legislation refined some of the legalities regarding medical marijuana treatment, such as the qualifying conditions. Currently, you can qualify for medical cannabis if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

In addition to the conditions above, Florida medical marijuana doctors may also recommend medical marijuana for the treatment of other “diagnosable, debilitating conditions of like, kind, or class.” This can include conditions such as chronic nonmalignant pain, terminal conditions, and anxiety.

For a full list of conditions that may qualify for medical marijuana treatment, please refer to: Qualifying Conditions.

How to Get Started with Medical Marijuana Treatment

If you suffer from any of the conditions above, you may qualify for medical marijuana treatment. CannaMD is committed to connecting qualified patients with the knowledge, resources and professional care that they need to benefit from medical cannabis. We are here to answer any of your questions or to help you schedule an appointment with one of our state-licensed, board-certified physicians.

To determine if you qualify for treatment, call us today at 1 (855) 420-9170 or fill out our easy online application.

Find Out If You Qualify

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