How to Check When Your Medical Marijuana Orders Expire

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A step-by-step guide is provided for patients to check the expiration date of their medical marijuana orders in Florida. Patients can log into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry, navigate to the "My Profile" tab, and click on the "End Date" column twice to see when their most recent orders expire. The piece also differentiates between the expiration of the medical marijuana card, which is like a driver's license and needs to be renewed annually, and the marijuana orders, which are akin to a prescription and must be renewed every 7 months or 210 days. If patients encounter any issues, they can contact CannaMD for assistance.
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Before scheduling your medical marijuana appointment online with a CannaMD physician, you’ll want to find out when your most recent marijuana orders expire. This way, you can book your renewal appointment as close to your expiration date as possible so as not to lose unnecessary time between certifications. We realize this process can be tricky for some, so CannaMD has put together a convenient, step-by-step guide on how to check when your medical marijuana orders expire. Please find our guide below:


How to Locate Your Most Recent Medical Marijuana Orders Expiration Date

Step 1: Login to the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry

You can access the registry by visiting:
If you forgot your password, you can reset it here:


Step 2: Click on the “My Profile” tab.

MOBILE: (Click the menu button first to access the “My Profile” tab)


florida medical marijuana registry home page mobile florida medical marijuana registry home page menu mobile



florida medical marijuana use registry home page

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “End Date” column TWICE.

On the first click, you’ll see your oldest marijuana orders and on the second click, the dates will readjust to show when your most recent marijuana orders expire.


florida medical marijuana registry patient profile page on mobile



florida medical marijuana use registry patient orders page


Step 4: Identify when your most recent marijuana orders expire.

You’ll now be able to see when your most recent medical marijuana orders expire under the first date listed in the “End Date” column.




image depicting when florida marijuana orders expire

What’s the difference between your medical marijuana card expiration date and your medical marijuana orders expiration date?


Florida Medical Marijuana Card Details:

Think of your Florida medical marijuana card like a driver’s license. It’s a way for the state to identify if you’re qualified to be on the road – or in this case – a dispensary. Your medical marijuana license needs to be renewed regularly just like a regular driver’s license. Florida law requires that medical marijuana cards be renewed once per year. At the top of the patient profile page is where patients will find their medical marijuana card expiration date. See image below:


florida medical marijuana use registry top of patient profile


Florida Medical Marijuana Orders:

Your medical marijuana orders are different from your card. These are submitted to the state by your CannaMD physician and act like a prescription. This “prescription” has a different expiration date from your medical marijuana license. Florida law requires that patients receive new marijuana orders (a.k.a “prescription”) every 7 months, or 210 days as outlined by Senate Bill 8A.

Need More Assistance?

If you’re experiencing any issues with accessing your most recent medical marijuana orders expiration date, please call a friendly CannaMD liaison and they’ll be happy to assist! You can reach us by phone 7-days a week at: (855) 420-9170.

Updated: July 20, 2023

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McKenzie Lewis

McKenzie Lewis has been a member of the CannaMD marketing team since 2018. Prior to joining CannaMD, she attended the University of Central Florida where she received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in psychology. When it comes to cannabis research, she is especially interested in the application of marijuana as a treatment method for insomnia.


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