Florida’s MMJ Renewal Telehealth Bill Signed: 2023

telehealth bill hb 387
Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a telehealth bill, HB 387, into law in Florida, allowing medical marijuana prescriptions to be renewed through telehealth services. This move, supported by both parties, aims to enhance patient access to medical cannabis consultations and positions Florida as a leader in healthcare innovation. The bill requires an initial in-person examination by a physician for the first prescription, but subsequent renewals can be done through telehealth visits, either online or over the phone. This development has been praised by supporters as it improves healthcare accessibility and streamlines the medical marijuana renewal process in the state.
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Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a groundbreaking telehealth bill, HB 387, into law, enabling the renewal of medical marijuana prescriptions via telehealth services in Florida. This significant move, which has received bipartisan support, is set to revolutionize the way patients access medical cannabis consultations, further establishing Florida as a leader in healthcare innovation.

The original version of the telehealth bill focused on extending the ability to renew medical marijuana prescriptions remotely, a move that aligns with Governor DeSantis’s commitment to expanding patient access to medicine. This telehealth provision has always been met with confidence from supporters, especially since DeSantis had previously authorized such renewals temporarily during the COVID-19 pandemic and for counties impacted by Hurricane Ian.

How Can Medical Marijuana Patients Renew Their Card Via Telehealth in Florida?

The law, which comes into effect on July 1, still requires an in-person physical examination by a physician before a patient’s first prescription for cannabis use. If a patient changes doctors, an in-person meeting with the new physician is mandatory. However, subsequent renewals can be authorized via telehealth visits online or over the phone. Doctors who violate the rules outlined in the bill could face a suspension of two years.

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Support For Telehealth Bill HB387

State Representative Spencer Roach, a North Fort Myers Republican, hailed the signing of the telehealth bill as historic. He states:

Governor DeSantis continues to demonstrate his commitment to expanding patient access to medicine, in alignment with the overwhelming majority of Florida voters.

Senator Jason Brodeur, a Lake Mary Republican who carried the telehealth bill in the Senate, also praised the move:

The state of Florida took a significant step forward in enhancing healthcare accessibility today as Governor DeSantis signed into law a groundbreaking bill aimed at improving medical marijuana telehealth services.

The signing of the telehealth bill has given many supporters a reason to sigh in relief, especially after recent speculations that DeSantis might veto the bill. However, the Governor’s Office did not find any issues with the legislation that would warrant rejecting the bill.

The telehealth bill, HB387, is expected to significantly improve the process of medical marijuana renewals, making it easier for patients to access their prescriptions. This is a major step forward in the telehealth sector and a significant milestone in Florida’s medical marijuana industry.

Updated: May 30, 2024

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