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Cannabis has been increasingly used for meditation due to its calming effects, ability to improve concentration, increase awareness, and induce deep relaxation. It can also enhance the meditation experience by increasing breathing focus, quieting the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping individuals connect with their inner thoughts and feelings. There is growing evidence that marijuana can help achieve a deeper, spiritual level of meditation, with a study showing 66.1% of users reporting a spiritual benefit. The method of incorporating marijuana into a meditation routine varies among individuals, with key elements being dosing strategies, routes of administration, and strain selection.
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Cannabis has been used for centuries to help people relax and focus. Due to its calming effects, in recent years, more and more individuals have started using marijuana for meditation practices as well.

Today, CannaMD explores how Florida medical marijuana (MMJ) patients can enhance their meditation experiences through the use of cannabis.

The Benefits Of Using Marijuana For Meditation

Marijuana has a long history of medicinal and spiritual applications. Its first recorded use for meditation was in India, where it was consumed by Vedic priests. In recent years, more people have been utilizing the plant for meditation purposes due to marijuana’s ability to improve concentration, increase awareness, and induce a state of deep relaxation. It also improves circulation and increases blood flow to the brain.

There are many practical benefits to using marijuana for meditation as well. Not only can it increase breathing focus, marijuana also helps to quiet the mind which allows people to better connect with their inner thoughts and feelings.

Medical marijuana can also reduce stress and anxiety. When used in tandem with meditation, many patients discover an increased sense of peace and calm in their lives.

Additionally, there is a growing body of evidence to support the claim that marijuana can help people to achieve a deeper, spiritual level of meditation. A recent study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that 66.1% of individuals who used marijuana reported a spiritual benefit of some kind.

How To Use Marijuana For Meditation

There’s no single, perfect method for incorporating marijuana into a meditation routine. This means that experimentation plays an important role in individuals discovering a method that works best for them. However, there are three key elements during the experimentation phase that MMJ patients can focus on. These include dosing strategies, routes of administration, and strain selection.

Routes of Administration

Medical marijuana can be administered in a variety of ways. The most common modalities include inhalation, oral consumption, topical application, and sublingual tinctures. When it comes to meditation, patients typically include some version of marijuana inhalation in their routine due to how quickly the effects of THC take place in their system. However, regardless of how it’s administered, marijuana can be a powerful ally in any meditation practice.


For newly certified medical marijuana patients, starting with small doses of THC prior to meditating is typically ideal. This way, patients are able to gradually increase the amount of THC they use over time until the perfect balance for meditation is achieved.

Strain Selection

Finding the best marijuana strain for meditation can be a challenge since every individual’s body is so unique. This is why experimenting with multiple strains is crucial to harnessing marijuana’s benefits during meditation. A great way to start the experimentation process is for patients to utilize a single strain each time they meditate and then record their experience. If one particular strain produces a noticeably greater effect on the meditative state, then patients will know that they’re on the right track!

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Top Marijuana Strains For Meditation

Each strain of marijuana comes with its own unique effects. While certain strains are better for relaxation, others can enhance focus and concentration. Many people find that indica strains tend to be more calming, while sativa strains can be more energizing – though there are many nuances to consider that largely depend on the individual. However, based on patient reviews, some of the more popular marijuana strains for meditation include:

  • Witch Doctor: An indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its relaxation effects.
  • Slurricane: An indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its relaxation effects.
  • Birds of Paradise: A sativa-dominant strain that is known for its focus-enhancing effects.
  • Jack Herer: A sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for its focus-enhancing effects.
  • Trainwreck: A sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for its uplifting and energizing effects.
  • Super Lemon Haze: A sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for its uplifting and energizing effects.
  • Strawberry Cough: A sativa-dominant strain that is known for its uplifting and energizing effects.

Marijuana And Meditation: Tips For Beginners

For individuals who are new to meditating with marijuana, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it’s important to always begin with low doses of THC. Consuming too much THC can produce adverse effects and work to increase anxiety levels in certain patients. CannaMD advises all medical marijuana patients to dose THC gradually until the perfect balance is achieved.

Secondly, be intentional when choosing a meditation environment. An ideal meditation environment should be quiet, calm, and comfortable. Many people like to incorporate pillows, blankets, and/or yoga mats to enhance relaxation. This can help to achieve a meditative state more easily.

Lastly, focusing on breathing is crucial to getting the most out of any meditation session. Inhaling slowly and deeply, then exhaling slowly is the first step. As one breathes, it’s important to pay attention to the sensations throughout the body. This includes the effects of the marijuana both physically and mentally.

Pro Tip: If your mind starts to wander or it becomes difficult to focus during meditation, simply bringing your attention back to breathing can quickly stabilize the meditative state.

Meditating with marijuana can be a deeply relaxing and satisfying experience for MMJ patients. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to enjoying all of the benefits that this practice has to offer!

Updated: March 12, 2024

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