Cannabis Cupid: Valentine’s Day Ideas

Cannabis Cupid Valentines Day
As marijuana legalization expands across the U.S., there's a growing interest in its potential benefits for mood, appetite, sleep, and various medical conditions. This has led to the development of resources to help medical marijuana users and supporters find like-minded partners, including cannabis-friendly dating apps like High There!, My 420 Mate, 420 Singles, and Highly Devoted. Additionally, local marijuana meet-ups and events are held in many cities to promote awareness and education about medical marijuana. Recent studies have also suggested that cannabis may enhance sexual pleasure and frequency, and contrary to common misconceptions, it may not negatively impact male fertility.
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As marijuana legalization spreads throughout the country, Americans are noticing a considerable increase in the number of people actively using cannabis. Although many people are beginning to learn about and appreciate the benefits that marijuana has on mood, appetite, sleep and the management of countless medical conditions, there are still some who staunchly oppose marijuana, regardless of whether it’s used for medical or recreational purposes.

Understandably, this can complicate the chance of finding a supportive relationship, especially if you are someone who relies on medical marijuana to live a normal life.

Fortunately, there are more resources than ever to help medical marijuana patients and supporters of cannabis find like-minded partners. Read on to learn how many CannaMD patients are looking for love!

There’s an App for That!

Whether you are looking for a friend or a romantic partner, there are several apps available to help you get connected to people with similar interests. These apps resemble popular services like Tinder, while catering to an exclusively cannabis-friendly user base.

High There! is one of the cannabis community’s leading dating apps, boasting a larger user base than any other service.

High There CannaMD

Another app, My 420 Mate, was rated the best dating service for medical marijuana patients by Mashable.

My 420 Mate CannaMD Valentines

Other notable services include 420 Singles and Highly Devoted.

420 Singles CannaMD

Like most dating services, many of these apps are often free to try out.
Highly Devoted CannaMD

Local Marijuana Meet-Ups

Online dating isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved with cannabis throughout the state of Florida!

Many cities feature regular events to promote awareness of medical marijuana and educate local residents. These events can be a great opportunity to make connections with others in your area that support and use medical marijuana.

Currently, websites like NORML and PotGuide maintain regularly updated lists of marijuana-themed events all over Florida.

Marijuana & Sex

For those who are already in a relationship or are looking for more marijuana benefits, a recent study found that marijuana increases the frequency of sex:

Cannabis users reported having approximately 20% more sex than non-users.

Marijuana has also been shown to enhance sexual pleasure, with another study finding that over two-thirds of women enjoyed more “pleasurable” sex after consuming cannabis.

Despite these benefits, many have avoided marijuana use in the past due to the common misconception that marijuana might decrease testosterone and fertility in males. However, these myths were recently dispelled by a Harvard study that found that marijuana may actually increase male fertility by promoting spermatogenesis (the natural process that creates sperm).

Based on this research, you can rest assured that medical marijuana won’t hinder your intimate Valentine’s Day activities!

Updated: May 2, 2024

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Tyler McMurray

Tyler is a professional writer specializing in medical cannabis and alternative health reporting.


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