New Skin Patch Makes Medical Marijuana Easy

Updated on December 9, 2021

Now there is a new and more convenient way to use medical marijuana – transdermal patches.

Surterra transdermal patches have several advantages over oral or inhaled marijuana products.  Patches come in convenient packages. All you have to do is open the envelope and apply the patch to your skin. A consistent flow of cannabis enters into your bloodstream, ensuring you get a full and accurate dose. Cannabinoids penetrate the central nervous system directly from the blood, and the effects are felt within 45 to 75 minutes. Instead of reaching a peak and then wearing off, the same steady relief is felt for 8 to 12 hours. Patches are ideal for someone taking medical cannabis for chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, or anxiety. Find out if you qualify for medical marijuana.

Transdermal patches are suitable for all ages, including children. Since the dose is controlled, there is no risk of administering too much or too little, and there is no discomfort.

Steady-Release Transdermal Cannabis Patches are available in five ratios to provide optimal results throughout the day. Your doctor enters an order in the Office of Medical Marijuana Use registry for topical medical marijuana, with the milligrams per dose (patch) of active ingredient.

Who is Surterra Wellness?

Surterra Wellness is a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (Dispensary) in Florida and Texas. They lead the industry with 90%+ pure, beautifully refined cannabis oils that deliver the safest, most consistent natural relief possible.

Offering a variety of products, their patches, lotions, sprays, oils and vaporizer pens, provide targeted effects tailored to your specific medical condition. Surterra Wellness has the patients well-being in mind, all day, every day…

We promise to provide safe, natural and consistent cannabis products that empower people to live well.

Where is Surterra Wellness?

Dispensaries are located in Tampa, Tallahassee, Pensacola and North Port but they offer state-wide delivery anywhere in Florida. They are opening up dispensaries in Orlando, Deltona and Jacksonville next. For location details and to learn where Surterra Wellness will open next, please check out their locations page.

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