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Fort Lauderdale, a city on Florida's east coast, has seen a rise in medical marijuana use since the approval of Amendment 2 in 2016, which legalized medical marijuana throughout the state. Despite initial restrictions on the number of treatment centers, the city has grown more supportive of medical marijuana treatment as it has proven to be safe and beneficial. The region has even ranked 8th among top areas in the country for cannabis job openings. CannaMD, a provider with several locations throughout Florida, offers trained medical marijuana doctors in Fort Lauderdale who can recommend eligible patients for treatment.
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Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city on the east coast of Florida, home to the International Swimming Hall of Fame and plenty of beaches. Fort Lauderdale is also mere miles from the famous Florida Everglades. After Florida voters approved Amendment 2 in 2016, medical marijuana became legal throughout the state of Florida. These pieces of legislation are new and still changing, so many residents of Fort Lauderdale have questions about medical marijuana in their hometown.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Fort Lauderdale?

Once Amendment 2 went into effect, medical marijuana was officially legalized in Florida, which includes the city of Fort Lauderdale. Since its legalization, Fort Lauderdale has enforced a law to limit the number of medical marijuana treatment centers in the city. This has made it more difficult for eligible patients to purchase medical marijuana in Fort Lauderdale, but it is legal to own and use if you have a state-issued medical card.

However, this and similar actions throughout Florida are largely due to city officials being cautious of the effects of medical cannabis legalization. As treatment has proven to be successful and safe for the community, Fort Lauderdale and other cities have grown more supportive of medical marijuana treatment.

Fort Lauderdale Businesses Embrace Medical Cannabis

Support for medical marijuana has been flourishing in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, and the region has been ranked 8th among top areas in the country for cannabis job openings. Even residents who are not medical marijuana patients are enjoying the benefits of marijuana extracts, as local restaurants begin serving CBD-infused items. Fort Lauderdale locals can enjoy CBD-infused pizza at Pizza City and CBD-spiked Cuban cafecitos at Colada.

It is important to note that CBD-infused items will not get you high, but can produce a sense of relaxation and pain relief, which is one of the many benefits of medical marijuana treatment.

Fort Lauderdale Medical Marijuana Doctors

CannaMD offers several convenient locations throughout the state of Florida, including one in Fort Lauderdale. Here, Fort Lauderdale patients can find trained medical marijuana doctors who are qualified to recommend you for treatment in the state of Florida. Once we confirm that you qualify for treatment, we can help you become certified for medical marijuana by providing you with the state-required recommendation.

Our Fort Lauderdale office is located at:


1451 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Fort Lauderdale

Although the city of Fort Lauderdale has made it difficult to purchase medical marijuana in the area, nearby cities such as Deerfield Beach offer many convenient and reputable medical marijuana treatment centers. If you are purchasing medical marijuana, it is important to note that you can only purchase medication from licensed medical marijuana treatment centers. If you find that your desired treatment center is not close enough to you, many authorized dispensaries offer delivery services for your convenience.

For those willing to travel, licensed dispensaries in Deerfield Beach include:

148 North Federal Highway, Suite 146, 148, 150, and 152
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

GTI (Rise Dispensaries)
2305 W Hillsboro Boulevard
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

458 W Hillsboro Boulevard
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

1101 S. Powerline Road, Suite 104
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

How to Qualify for Medical Cannabis

Senate Bill 8A followed the passage of Amendment 2, regulating the use of medical marijuana and defining the conditions that could qualify a patient for treatment. Chronic pain and PTSD are the most common conditions being treated with cannabis in Broward County, although many more conditions can qualify you for treatment.

Other conditions include:

In addition to the conditions above, Florida medical marijuana doctors may also recommend medical marijuana for the treatment of other “diagnosable, debilitating conditions of like, kind, or class.” This can include conditions such as chronic nonmalignant pain, terminal conditions, and anxiety.

For a full list of conditions that may qualify for medical marijuana treatment, please refer to: Qualifying Conditions.

Updated: July 28, 2023

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