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Facebook has been implementing a practice known as "shadow banning" on posts and pages that discuss medical marijuana, which can limit their visibility by up to 80%. However, there's a workaround to this issue: by going to the main page of a cannabis news source like CannaMD, hovering over "Following", and then selecting "See First" under "In Your News Feed", users can ensure that these posts appear in their newsfeed. This issue is significant as it limits access to medical research and restricts the free flow of conversations, questions, and feedback that are typical in social media forums.
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In August 2018, Marijuana Moment highlighted a growing problem on Facebook: medical cannabis shadow banning.

“Shadow banning” refers to an in-app restriction that limits post and/or page impressions. In an earlier tweet discussing political posts,  Facebook noted that shadow banning can limit views by up to 80%.

Translation? Even if you’re following CannaMD or another cannabis news source, you likely aren’t seeing the content being published each day.

Fortunately, there’s a little known work-around.

How to adjust your Facebook settings

Go to the main CannaMD Facebook page and hover over “Following”.

Scroll down to “In Your News Feed” and select “See First”.

See Marijuana Facebook Posts

CannaMD posts (regardless of content containing keywords such as “cannabis” and “marijuana”) should now display in your newsfeed.

Why shadow banning matters

In 2017, Twitter – which has over 330 million active monthly users – briefly blocked all searches for “marijuana”. Facebook shadow banning is currently affecting countless medical pages and official government agencies, including the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Limiting access to medical research places patients at a distinct disadvantage, restricting the free flow of conversations, questions, and feedback that typically characterizes social media forums.

To voice your support for the medical cannabis community, be sure to share the tips in today’s post with family, friends, and colleagues.

Updated: July 28, 2023

Article Written By:

Jessica Walters

Jessica Walters serves as CannaMD's Chief Medical Researcher. Prior to her time at CannaMD, Jessica earned her degree from Harvard where she focused on neuropsychology. Her personal research interests include psychosocial interventions for obesity, depression, and generalized anxiety disorders.


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