Doctor Recruitment

Seeking passionate and qualified medical marijuana doctors

CannaMD is looking for passionate and qualified doctors to provide industry-leading care for our patients. We are hiring for our current and planned statewide locations and selecting qualifying physicians with existing practices to partner with.

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Why Choose CannaMD?

CannaMD is on a mission to provide alternative medicine to patients in need, with as little headache as possible. Unlike other fly-by-night organizations, CannaMD has spent countless hours analyzing, organizing and developing all aspects of our business. This will allow us to ensure success and industry-leading care for our patients. The list below outlines a few important reasons why you should consider joining the CannaMD team.

  • Organized & Efficient
  • Well-Funded
  • Legal Advocacy/Guidance
  • Generous Compensation Packages/Bonuses/Benefits
  • Malpractice Insurance Provided
  • Class “A” Facilities
  • Relaxed Environment
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Aggressive Marketing Strategies
  • Internally Handled Support Work, Practice Management and Policies/Procedures.

Doctor Responsibilities

CannaMD takes patient care seriously and has spent countless hours studying strict governmental guidelines and defining the most efficient and safe processes for our team to follow. Our goal is to simplify our Doctors responsibilities and provide a relaxed atmosphere so patient care is the main focus. Because of our streamlined processes and team guidance, liabilities will be reduced so you can stay focused on your patients.

  • Evaluate qualified patient’s medical records and in person after the medical assistant takes vitals and medical history
  • Educate patient on the efficacy of medical cannabis
  • Submit patient information into Medical Marijuana Use Registry
  • Review patient’s profile in the prescription drug monitoring database
  • Increase knowledge of cannabis treatment through self study and company sponsored trainings
  • Adhere to the requirements for continued medical education


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