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CannaMD is proud to serve Florida medical marijuana patients by not only providing cannabis card certifications, but also facilitating access to medication resources – including lists and directories of Florida’s legal marijuana dispensaries. (Note: CannaMD is not affiliated with any Florida dispensary; this information is provided solely for educational purposes.) To learn more about each medical marijuana treatment center (including contact information), please click the dispensary’s name.

Columbia Care: Columbia Care puts patients first. By providing a portfolio of high-quality cannabis-based health and wellness solutions, leveraging data and research to fuel innovation, and improving access to cannabis and plant-based solutions, Columbia Care aims to lead the industry.

Curaleaf: Curaleaf is dedicated to providing premium, safe, and reliable medical cannabis products to patients statewide. Curaleaf develops their products using industry advanced research and cultivates cannabis products using the highest standards of production with medically precise extraction and purification methods.

Fluent: Fluent understands that every patient’s medical situation is unique. That is why the Fluent team is committed to providing proper guidance and access to high-quality medical cannabis.

Green Dragon: Green Dragon has more than a decade of experience of producing high-quality medical cannabis. Founded in Colorado in 2009, Green Dragon is now a licensed medical marijuana treatment center in Florida.

GrowHealthy: GrowHealthy is dedicated to helping customers live healthier, happier lives. GrowHealthy produces premium-quality cannabis products designed to provide relief from a host of conditions and to promote general wellness.

HT Medical Cannabis: HT Cannabis understands there’s a lot to learn — and a lot to unlearn — when it comes to medical marijuana. With a focus on education and a commitment to transparency, HT Medical Cannabis updates their blog monthly with the latest cannabis studies and scientific discoveries so that you can stay informed. 

Liberty Health Sciences: Through their diverse collection of high-quality cannabis products, Liberty Health Sciences aims to improve their customers’ quality of life and help them discover newfound freedom.

MedMen: Have you discovered the remarkable benefits of cannabis? If not, let MedMen be your guide. If you have already, let MedMen take you further. MedMen is here for you as a trusted source for quality cannabis, providing an unparalleled experience every time you visit.

MÜV: MÜV is dedicated to providing quality, consistent and reliable medical cannabis products and education to Florida patients. Through continual research and development, MÜV has received multiple patents for the award-winning MÜV products line, which includes discreet transdermal patches, tinctures and more. 

Rise: As people across the country embrace their right to explore the many and essential uses of cannabis, Rise embraces their responsibility to help guide that exploration. Rise stands as a beacon of what’s possible when creative minds and compassionate people come together in this new era. 

Sanctuary: Sanctuary Medicinal is driven by their love and passion for the benefits cannabis can provide to patients. From handpicked flower to a variety of tinctures, edibles and more, everything on Sanctuary’s shelves is lab-tested and unit-dosed to ensure safety, consistency and quality, creating your pathway to better wellness.

Sunnyside: Cresco Labs’s first national retail brand, Sunnyside, represents a new kind of cannabis shop, designed to help broaden the spectrum of wellness to include cannabis. Bright, welcoming and convenient, each Sunnyside will serve as a hub for health and wellness for both new and existing cannabis consumers.

Surterra: Surterra is here to empower you and your family to unlock all the benefits of cannabis with the safest, highest quality products and a welcoming experience that’s designed to help you feel your best. Surterra brand products are all grown in a state-of-the-art facility, the largest greenhouse on the East Coast, where no harmful chemicals or ingredients are used in the growing process.

The Flowery: The Flowery is flower focused, controlling every stage of the process, from seed to sale. The Flowery didn’t do a bunch of market research to structure their business this way, they did it because it’s the way they’ve been doing business on their farms for 100 years. 

Trulieve: Trulieve products are designed to alleviate seizures, severe and persistent muscle spasms, pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and other symptoms associated with serious medical conditions such as cancer. Low-THC/CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care.

VidaCann: VidaCann is proud to be one of the largest and most advanced providers of medical cannabis in Florida. VidaCann is on a mission to create and sustain a culture of health for individuals and communities through the unique power of safe, effective, and all-natural cannabis products.

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