Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Florida

There are currently six (6) Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC’s) located in Florida.  Only four (4) have brick and mortar locations but all of them offer statewide home delivery of their medical cannabis products.  Click on the logos of each MMTC to access their official website and learn more about these Florida dispensaries.

The state of Florida has recently awarded six (6) additional MMTC licenses. This allows the new dispensaries to begin the process to cultivate medical cannabis for patients but they have not yet been authorized to begin dispensing their product yet.

There will be an additional five (5) MMTC licenses awarded by the state of Florida prior to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry count hitting 100,000 patients.  The state also allocated expansion of four (4) additional licenses for each consecutive 100,000 patients added to the registry. Every MMTC is currently allowed to open up twenty five (25) dispensary locations throughout Florida.  The number of allowable dispensaries each MMTC is eligible to open will gradually scale as patient count grows over time.

Each county within Florida has specific requirements and regulations set which may of may not limit the location of a proposed MMTC center near you. Please check with your local government officials to see if, where and when a dispensary will be located in your area.  However, don’t stress the commute as all dispensing locations will offer statewide home delivery to qualified patients.

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Now Florida patients can use medical marijuana treatments to help with a variety of different ailments.


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