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If you want the best service and current updates on your medical products . On a personal note, before I got the opportunity to meet these fine professionals I gave the company 4stars because I hadn't finished my appointment and now I am well informed and so thankful to have met these fine people. What I mean is now that I have completed the process I had to let you know that I have changed my star rating to *****five STARES!!! Because you can't "get better service than this. David Daniels
David Daniels
David Daniels
15:43 16 Dec 20
This was my second time getting certified, I’ve used CannaMD for both and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The Dr gets it, he understands and he also remembered me! I’m happy with the results, thank you CannaMD!
Laura Grannemann
Laura Grannemann
16:03 11 Nov 20
The visit was excellent. Amber was super nice and put me at ease from the start. Dr. Morgan explained the program, benefits, and advised me on realistic expectations. She advised me how to do further research to help me understand the full range of options I have for finding the best treatment and to help me understand the medical benefits.
terry wright
terry wright
18:04 25 Sep 20
Service was fine. They took me right on my appointment. All my initial paperwork was reviewed and there is no doubt I qualify. I then met with Dr.Wacker and he went over the different options that might work for me, all good.My issues have nothing to do with CannaMd, they are all about the process and the cost to enable me to use medical marijuana. My initial visit was $249. Next after a waiting period of about 2 weeks for processing, I must pay the state $75, for my card. Before I even get my first prescription I have now spent $324. Looking at the cost of the items available for me I can safely say that my first prescription will probably cost me around $500. This is ridiculous. It is time to legalize marijuana and make it available to all who need it.Two years ago while in Alaska I was walking the streets of Anchorage and came upon a Cannabis store. Little did I know that marijuana was legal in Alaska but I did go in. I told them why I needed the marijuana. They recommended a soft candy (you could really smell the marijuana) for $40. I bought it and for the duration of my cruise I slept my best in years. In Florida that initial purchase would run about $400. There are way to many people making way too much money with this Florida law. IT IS TIME TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN FLORIDA, NOW.
Lawrence Orr
Lawrence Orr
15:55 16 Sep 20
I loved my first experience with CannaMD. Every single person I have spoken to on the phone was so personable. They are all so patient and kind. The office in Cape Coral is beautiful, I only had to wait 10 minutes as the patient before me finished up. Amy explained everything to me, showed me the closest dispensaries near me and we had a nice chat while she entered all of my information into my profile. Then I saw the Doc and he was as sweet as could be, even gave me advice, calmed me down and assured me that he is there when I need him, even gave me his business card. We discussed my condition and what dose levels would work for me to start with, lovely person, great Doctor. Everyone had their masks on, the office is super clean. Definitely Premium service, worth every penny. Thank you guys!
Al H
Al H
17:20 19 Aug 20

Meet Our Doctors

CannaMD is proud to feature Cape Coral’s most experienced network of state-licensed, board certified physicians. All CannaMD Cape Coral doctors are qualified to recommend medical marijuana treatment to patients in need.

CannaMD is actively involved in the medical community, and prides itself on serving as a local, educational resource for area physicians and and medical professionals. To access physician resources or review peer-reviewed research, please see: Physician Resources.

Medical Marijuana in Cape Coral, FL

Before purchasing cannabis from a medical marijuana treatment center, Cape Coral patients must first qualify for a medical marijuana certification; CannaMD provides qualified Cape Coral patients with the state-required recommendation to complete this process.

Conveniently located in Lee County – close to Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Pineland, Sanibel, and Cypress Lake – CannaMD‘s experienced team of state-licensed, board-certified physicians are trained to certify qualified patients for medical marijuana treatment.

And best of all? Finding out if you qualify is FREE!

Featuring the most trusted marijuana doctors in Cape Coral, CannaMD treats a variety of conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to cancer and Crohn’s disease.

Thanks to Amendment 2 and Senate Bill 8A, medical marijuana is legal in Florida. Join thousands of Cape Coral residents and get your medical marijuana card today!

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