Marijuana to be Sold in Florida Gas Stations Thanks to Unique Partnership

Circle K and RISE Dispensary
Green Thumb Industries is set to partner with convenience store retailer Circle K to sell cannabis at select gas stations in Florida starting from 2023. The agreement allows RISE Dispensaries to lease space from Circle K, with plans to set up ten RISE Express dispensaries in a "test and learn" phase. These dispensaries will offer smokable cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, and vapes. If successful, the number of RISE dispensaries at Circle K locations will increase, providing more convenient access for Florida's growing number of medical marijuana patients.
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Buying marijuana in Florida is about to get more convenient. Green Thumb Industries has announced that it will soon be partnering with major convenience store retailer Circle K to bring cannabis to select gas stations in the state.

Today, CannaMD covers the breaking news and discusses what it might mean for the future of medical cannabis in Florida.

Marijuana To Be Sold In Florida Gas Stations

Beginning in 2023, some Circle K locations will start selling medical marijuana in partnership with Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries. The exclusive agreement allows RISE Dispensaries to lease space from Circle K in Florida, where the retailer currently has 600 locations.

As part of a “test and learn” phase, Green Thumb will set up ten of its RISE Express dispensaries next to select Circle K locations, according to an October 19th news release. Medical marijuana patients will be able to purchase smokable cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, and vapes on-site, making it more convenient than ever for patients to access their medicine.

Ben Clover, CEO and founder of Green Thumb, said in the news release,

The new RISE Express model is a huge step forward in making it easier and more efficient for patients to purchase high-quality cannabis as part of their everyday routine when stopping by their local convenience store.

According to the 2022 Florida Physician Certification Pattern Review, Florida currently has approximately 700,000 medical marijuana patients, and that number is likely to continue trending upward. If the testing phase is successful, the number of RISE dispensaries at Circle K locations will increase, paving the way toward even more convenient access for the growing number of medical marijuana patients across the state.

Updated: July 20, 2023

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