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West Palm Beach Marijuana Card
Updated on December 7, 2021

Following medical marijuana legalization in Florida, the legal cannabis industry is booming in West Palm Beach! Residents of West Palm Beach have been early proponents of medical marijuana, wasting no time approving new dispensaries as they are proposed.

With new dispensaries on the horizon, many are wondering what it takes to get approved for a medical marijuana card. If you’re on the fence about pursuing medical marijuana treatment, and aren’t sure if you’d even be approved, this post should help you decide.

We’re going to cover the basics of getting approved for a medical marijuana card in Florida, informing you on what criteria you must meet for approval, and where you can go to purchase medical marijuana in West Palm Beach.


The Palm Beach County School Board has followed in the footsteps of other Florida school districts, voting to approve the use of medical marijuana on school grounds for those who need it!

Now that medical marijuana use has been approved, parents and caregivers can administer medical marijuana to a student while on school grounds. All the child needs is a note from a qualified physician in order to enjoy the relief available from medical marijuana.

It’s important to note that only a parent or caregiver may administer medical marijuana to students, and that marijuana may not be stored on school grounds under any circumstances.


If you’re wondering how to get approved for a medical marijuana card in Florida, you’re in luck as the process is quite easy!

First thing’s first: You’ll have to make an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. CannaMD has offices located throughout the state, with a local West Palm Beach office available for your convenience. To schedule your initial appointment, give CannaMD a call at (855) 420-9170!

You can find CannaMD’s West Palm Beach office at the following address:


1645 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 1200

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

At your appointment, you’ll meet with a state-certified medical marijuana physician who will assess your symptoms and determine your eligibility for a medical marijuana card in Florida.

While at your appointment, feel free to ask any questions you have about medical marijuana treatment or the approval process. CannaMD physicians stay on top of the latest studies and regulations surrounding medical marijuana treatment, and are happy to address any concerns you may have.

After determining your eligibility for medical marijuana, your doctor will send on their recommendation to the Florida Department of Health. Upon receiving your recommendation, the Florida Department of Health will provide you with login credentials for their patient portal, where you can access the registry identification application, and also pay the required $75 fee.

After submitting your recommendation to the Florida Department of Health, it takes 7 to 21 business days to receive a reply. At that point, you’ll receive an email containing your temporary medical marijuana card, which can be printed out immediately and used to purchase medical marijuana.


Senate Bill 8A defines a qualified patient as:

A resident of this state [Florida] who has been added to the medical marijuana use registry by a qualified physician to receive marijuana or a marijuana delivery device for a medical use and who has a qualified patient identification card.

To put it in simpler terms, for you to qualify for medical marijuana in Florida, you must:

  • Be diagnosed by a certified medical marijuana doctor with a qualifying condition, and
  • Be a permanent or temporary resident of Florida.

Now that you know the general criteria to qualify for medical marijuana in Florida, you may still be left wondering if your condition qualifies. Senate Bill 8A lists what conditions qualify for medical marijuana, which include:

Senate Bill 8A also outlines additional conditions that could qualify:

  • Any other “diagnosable, debilitating condition of the same like, kind, or class” (such as anxietydepression, or migraines)
  • Terminal conditions that have been diagnosed by a doctor other than your medical marijuana doctor
  • Chronic nonmalignant pain

These are far from the only qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Florida. For more information, see CannaMD’s Qualifying Conditions Resource Page.


Both full-time and seasonal residents of Florida may qualify for medical marijuana in Florida.

To prove you are a resident of Florida, you’ll need a photo ID. Temporary residents may also establish residency by providing two of the following:

  • A deed or monthly mortgage statement
  • Proof of residential address from the person with whom you’re staying and a supporting statement
  • A utility hook up or work order
  • A utility bill
  • Mail from a financial institution
  • Mail from a government agency
  • Any other documentation that provides proof of residential address

To meet Florida’s definition of a seasonal resident, you must:

  • Live in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days each calendar year
  • Maintain temporary residence in Florida
  • Return to your home state at least once a year
  • Be a registered U.S. voter or pay income tax in another state

If you’re still not sure if you qualify as a seasonal resident, check out CannaMD’s Florida Snowbirds Can Use Medical Marijuana.


With medical marijuana’s popularity continuing to rise in West Palm Beach, many new dispensaries are set to open in the future, with MedMen recently opening a new treatment center.

Dispensaries located in West Palm Beach include:


4237 Okeechobee Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33409


539 Clematis St

West Palm Beach, FL 33401


1324 N. Military Trail

West Palm Beach, FL 33409


Fill out our free online application or call CannaMD today at (855) 420-9170 and make your appointment!

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