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Sarasota Marijuana Card
Updated on December 8, 2021

If you reside in or around beautiful, sunny Sarasota and have been interested in all the talk surrounding medical marijuana, you’re in luck!

Sarasota is not only a haven for those looking to escape the cooler weather of the north, it’s also become a place for those seeking the relief that newly legalized medical marijuana has to offer. With many new dispensaries and clinics opening up, including CannaMD’s Sarasota office on Lake Osprey Drive, there are no shortage of options for those looking to learn more about this amazing new treatment option!

After reading this post, you should be fully prepared to meet with one of CannaMD’s qualified medical marijuana physicians. Getting approved for a medical marijuana card in Sarasota is easy with the help of CannaMD!


Before getting into the details of what you need to do to get a medical marijuana card in Sarasota, we felt we should sing the praises of how Sarasota has embraced this awesome new treatment option, welcoming medical marijuana with open arms and advocating for further progress!

For starters, in an unprecedented step, the Sarasota City Commission recently voted unanimously to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. While this doesn’t have a direct effect on those carrying a medical marijuana card in Sarasota, it shows that perspectives are changing, as cannabis is beginning to be looked at in a more positive light.

With how well medical marijuana legalization has been going in Sarasota, local politicians have begun advocating for more large scale policy changes, all the way up to the federal level. Greg Steube, a Florida U.S. Representative, has recently filed legislation suggesting that marijuana be rescheduled from a Schedule 1 substance, to a Schedule 3 substance, paving the way for further research.

With that being said, let’s move on to what steps need to be taken to get approved for medical marijuana in Sarasota.


The first step to getting approved for a medical marijuana card in Sarasota is to set up an appointment with a CannaMD medical marijuana doctor. Our state-licensed, board-certified physicians offer a convenient office location at:


6151 Lake Osprey Drive

Suite #300

Sarasota, FL 34240

Once at your initial appointment, your medical marijuana doctor will walk you through the approval process, answering any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment and its benefits. Once it is determined that you qualify, the doctor will forward on their recommendation to the Florida Department of Health.

After receiving CannaMD’s recommendation, the Florida Department of Health will send you information on how to login to their patient portal where you can apply for a registry identification card and pay the required $75 fee.

In a few short weeks (usually between 7 and 21 business days), you’ll receive an email approval, as well as a temporary medical marijuana card, which you can use immediately to begin purchasing medical marijuana products!


To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Sarasota, or anywhere else in Florida for that matter, you must either be a permanent or temporary resident of Florida. Besides establishing Florida residency, you’ll also have to have a diagnosis of a qualifying condition, which was confirmed by a certified medical marijuana physician.

Florida’s Senate Bill 8A has a detailed breakdown of which conditions qualify for medical marijuana, including:

Aside from these conditions, the bill goes on to further state that other “diagnosable, debilitating conditions” (such as  anxietydepression, or migraines) are eligible for medical marijuana treatment. Terminal conditions that are diagnosed by a second doctor (other than your medical marijuana doctor) may also qualify, along with chronic nonmalignant pain.

For even more information on qualifying conditions, please see our Qualifying Conditions Resource Page.


When you apply for your medical marijuana card, you’ll be required to upload a copy of your state-approved photo ID (such as a driver’s license). If you are a temporary or seasonal resident, you will also be asked to include two of the following in order to prove your Florida residency:

  • A deed or monthly mortgage statement
  • Proof of residential address from the person with whom you’re staying and a supporting statement
  • A utility hookup or work order
  • A utility bill
  • Mail from a financial institution
  • Mail from a government agency
  • Any other documentation that provides proof of residential address

If you’re wondering whether you meet the definition of a “temporary” resident, Senate Bill 8A defines the term as:

Any person who temporarily resides in this state [Florida] for a period of at least 31 consecutive days in each calendar year, maintains a temporary residence in this state, returns to the state or jurisdiction of his or her residence at least one time during each calendar year, and is registered to vote or pays income tax in another state or jurisdiction.

If you’re still unsure if you meet this requirement, please see our article: Florida Snowbirds Can Use Medical Marijuana.


Sarasota has a few dispensaries for you to choose from, including:


935 N. Beneva Road #707-711

Sarasota, FL 34232

AltMed Florida (MÜV) 

5045 Fruitville Road, Suite 119

Sarasota, FL 34232

For more information on Florida medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs), please see our Dispensaries Page.


Reach out to CannaMD at (855) 420-9170 – or fill out our free online application – to get started on your medical marijuana journey today!

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