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Dr.McLeod & his staff were amazing and helpful with helping me understand everything from the process to the different strains that are best for me. Great and quick experience!
Nata G.
18:00 01 Mar 22
this is my favorite place in the world
Elizabeth Henderson
20:23 17 Feb 22
Very easy process for those who need it. Staff is unnecessarily patient and friendly. Have already recommended this program to people who would find this a better solution than most other medicines.
Alan Harrison
18:31 09 Nov 21
I called CannaMD on August 1st and spoke with Angelina. She explained the process very thoroughly and let me know the steps to take that day, which was perfect for me as I wanted to get the process started as soon as possible.Here was the process she explained1. Get an official diagnosis.- I could contact a doctor they referred. This would be a phone call or facetime with the doctor to get a diagnoses for $185 ($160 after letting the doctor know I was referred by CannaMD).- Another option was to contact someone in my insurance network to get diagnosed.2. Schedule an appointment at CannaMD- I let Angelina know I was ready to schedule an appointment and she scheduled one for me within 3 business days. We worked together to find the best possible office for me to drive to as they had multiple offices within 30 mins. I paid for the appointment on the phone. The price was originally $249 and I paid $219 with Angelina's discount. (you have to pay before going to the office. Don't worry, they have a refund policy, 48 hours prior to the appointment is when it needs to be canceled or you pay a fee). I knew I was going to show up though so I wasn't worried.- During this phone call, Angelina also created my patient profile and sent me a new patient intake form through Docusign with general questions. I uploaded my completed patient intake form and my Dr.'s note with my diagnosis. This was super important as you do not want to fill this form in at the office. The Dr. at CannaMD uses this information to create a plan for you and create a recommendation on which strains, cannabinoids, and terpenes are best.3. Meet with a Dr. from CannaMD to get referred to the registry.- I made sure to upload my diagnosis and patient intake form prior to meeting with Dr. Melissa Morgan.- I first met with a physician who gave me some general info, discounts to dispensaries, made notes on my patient intake form which she printed out, handed me a folder with a lot of GREAT information She also created my account for the registry and I got my password and username to start my application immediately- Then I waited for Dr. Melissa for about 5 minutes. She had notes ready to go and wrote out even more notes for me to follow. We took a dive into the terpenes, strains, cannabinoids, concerns I had, tips for which dispensary offered returns, etc. So much great information came from them.- I got my prescription which she let me know she uploaded to my profile for the registry. She let me know that she could prescribe me more after emailing her. The idea here is that she didn't know if my body would require a lot more or a lot less. Everyone is different.- She also let me know I could email her whenever if I needed more information. I also got great resources to reference for questions I may have regarding MMJ.4. File the application with the registry. $75.- I applied online. Very easy website to navigate. Used my FL driver's license.5. Currently waiting for temporary license which will come within the next 5 business days. ***Edit: Temp came in 9/16/2020- Then have to wait 3 weeks for the official license, but I can use the temp to buy.6. In 7 months I will have to schedule another meeting to renew my license...I'm not sure what this process is like yet. To be continued...Total time: Aug 31 - currently September 15th, but hopefully will get temp by 22nd **note, CannaMD handled everything on their side from Aug 31st - Sept 8th. I'm currently waiting for Florida to get back to meTotal cost: $160 + $219 + $75 = $454. **note I had a total of $55 discounted from total cost. Original would have been $509Everyone was very friendly and supportive. I'm glad I chose CannaMD, they made this process very simple for me. They also have an amazing blog I've been following for quite some time. CannaMD made this very simple.
13:19 16 Sep 20
REAL REVIEW FROM A REAL PERSON. I know it’s long but please take the time to read this.By no means am I saying the other reviews are not from real people. However, anyone who relies on reviews to decide whether they want to do business with a company is always skeptical.I must admit I have not actually seen the Dr because of a life emergency that hit me 2 days before my appt. I just want people to know how genuine this company really is. From the beginning (with all my questions) to someone calling me back to assist was beyond my expectations.When I contacted them initially I had already called over a half dozen different facilities. I cancelled an appt I made at a different facility and decided to go with Canna MD, I’m glad I did. I decided to go with them because the lady I spoke with (initially) took the time to answer ALL my questions and gave me great tips on what to expect. She even provided me with questions to ask other facilities as I was searching for the right fit for me.As I said, I had an emergency but already paid for my visit. I contacted Canna MD (after hours) and told them what was going on. The lady assured me that she was writing detailed notes and someone would contact me the next day. (Even the lady at their after hours was empathetic and pleasant). A man called me the next day and assured me that he would assist and would follow up with me (at a later date) to make sure everything is ok. He was pleasant, concerned, but not over bearing. I’m not sure about you, but knowing that an establishment is passionate about not just making money but people’s quality of life means a lot to me. The woman I initially spoke with told me that’s how Canna MD is and they have proven that me.They are not the cheapest but definitely NOT the most expensive. I always say, “you get what you pay for”.After I see the Dr I will update and add to my review!
Desarae Jarrett
16:00 10 Jul 19
I was truly satisfied with my over all CannaMD experience. My appointment was @ 2:40 on a Monday, & there was a tiny mix up at the reception counter when the 3pm appointment went back before me, so I told the reception & they fixed it right away!!! Thank goodness bc the 3 pm didn't have all of their forms filled out prior, like I had. I really appreciated that.
Sarah Moore
16:35 20 May 19

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