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Orlando is one of the most well known cities in Florida, mostly for attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. It is known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World” and has been attracting over 70 million tourists annually since 2016.

In addition to hosting Florida tourism, Orlando has largely contributed to the availability of medical marijuana in Florida since the passage of Amendment 2.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Orlando?

Residents of Orlando and the surrounding areas of Orange County voiced their support for medical marijuana by voting for Amendment 2 in 2016. After receiving support from over 71% of voters, Amendment 2 was passed, legalizing medical marijuana in Orlando and the rest of the state of Florida.

Orange County commissioners immediately upheld the will of Florida voters by allowing medical marijuana dispensaries within the county, while neighboring cities attempted to ban them. Registered patients with a state-issued medical card have since been able to purchase and use medical marijuana legally.

Medical Cannabis Firsts in Orlando

Orlando has supported medical marijuana since its legalization, and the community has benefited from this support by gaining access to several unique resources. For starters, Orlando is home to one of the first drive-thru medical marijuana treatment centers. This gives patients a convenient option for picking up their medical marijuana products.

A local group called Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana is furthering these progressions by ensuring that minorities have a place in the booming industry. The group is made up of doctors, lawyers and a diverse number of other Florida residents and professionals. Their goal is to help people of color network and overcome the barriers that may prevent minorities from entering the medical marijuana industry.

Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctors

Residents of Orlando have a few convenient options if they are seeking care from a medical marijuana doctor. CannaMD has two Orlando locations, where our compassionate staff can provide you with all of the expertise and resources you need to learn about medical marijuana treatment.

If CannaMD physicians determine that you are eligible for treatment, we can provide you with the state-required recommendation necessary to begin medical marijuana treatment in the state of Florida.

Our Orlando offices are located at:


7932 West Sand Lake Road

Suite 206

Orlando, FL 32819



5401 South Kirkman Road

Suite 310

Orlando, FL 32819


Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Orlando

Many medical marijuana treatment centers have opened throughout Orlando and the rest of the state. If you are going to purchase medical marijuana products, only authorized dispensaries can be trusted to provide you with transparent and high-quality medical cannabis products.

Fortunately, Orlando boasts an impressive number of state-authorized dispensaries, so patients have several options for buying the products they need. These locations include:


12402 S. Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL 32837



775 N. Semoran Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32807


Knox Medical

1901 N. Orange Ave.

Orlando, FL 32804


Surterra Wellness

1743 South Orange Ave.

Suite 102

Orlando, FL 32806



4544 N. Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL 32804



1700 N. Semoran Boulevard

Suite 160

Orlando, FL 32807

How to Qualify for Medical Cannabis

After the passage of Amendment 2, Senate Bill 8A was implemented to place additional regulations on the usage of medical marijuana. Part of this legislation specified the conditions that could qualify a patient for medical marijuana treatment. Currently, the following conditions can qualify patients for treatment:

In addition to the conditions above, Florida medical marijuana doctors may also recommend medical marijuana for the treatment of other “diagnosable, debilitating conditions of like, kind, or class.” This can include conditions such as chronic nonmalignant pain, terminal conditions, and anxiety.

For a full list of conditions that may qualify for medical marijuana treatment, please refer to: Qualifying Conditions.

How to Get Started with Medical Marijuana

If you are located in Orlando or the surrounding areas of Orange County, you can get started with medical marijuana treatment today at CannaMD. Our team of state-licensed physicians are qualified to recommend patients for treatment, and we focus on providing patients with an evidence-based application of medicinal cannabis research.

To determine if you qualify for medical marijuana, call us today at 1 (855) 420-9170 or fill out our FREE online application.

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